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About the project

website redesign.

The website redesign was an important step for us. We improved the design and user experience to better appeal to our customers. The new layout is modern and aesthetically pleasing, while navigation has been made more intuitive and user-friendly. We have also optimized the loading times to provide a smooth and pleasant experience for our visitors.

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new appearance


Our basic design features a modern and minimalist aesthetic and includes interesting design approaches by incorporating 3D elements. By integrating 3D elements into our design concept, we create a visually appealing and immersive experience for our visitors. These 3D elements add depth and dimension to the website, setting it apart from traditional two-dimensional designs. From subtle shadow casts to spatial effects, the 3D elements provide added visual intrigue and add vibrancy to the overall website.

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Our chosen colors give our design a harmonious and appealing atmosphere. The primary subtle blue (#3456FF) draws attention and conveys a sense of confidence and professionalism. The light red (#CC7068) serves as secondary color that conveys calm and balance and provides a pleasing contrast. Our tertiary color, darker blue (#070C22), brings depth and elegance to the design and allows certain elements to stand out. In combination, these colors create an appealing color palette that represents our brand and creates a visual aesthetic that appeals and engages our visitors.

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Lato is a highly legible sans serif font that ensures optimal readability on a variety of screens and print materials. With its clean lines and balanced proportions, Lato provides a pleasant reading experience and contributes to the usability of our website. Lato's versatility allows us to use different font sizes and styles to emphasize the hierarchy of information and create a harmonious visual flow. Overall, using Lato as a font helps ensure that our content is presented in a professional, contemporary, and easy-to-understand manner.


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New look


Our website redesign was a significant milestone for us. We redesigned our website from the ground up to create a modern and engaging look and feel. The redesign included a fresh layout, improved navigation and a streamlined user experience. We also updated the color palette and typography to ensure a consistent and professional representation of our brand. The result is a modernized website that delights our visitors and strengthens our online presence.


Going Dark

dark mode.

This new feature allows our visitors to customize the appearance of our site according to their individual preferences. Dark Mode offers an eye-friendly design with a dark background and high-contrast elements, which is especially pleasant when used at night or in dark environments. We strive to give our users the best experience possible, and Dark Mode is another way to achieve that goal. Try it out and enjoy a new visual aesthetic on our website.

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english translation.

With the launch of the English version, we have taken an important step to expand our audience and better address our international visitors. Our English website offers the same high-quality content, features and user experience as the German version. We pride ourselves on providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for our users worldwide.

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Your experience

better customer interaction.

Our improved user experience is the result of a thorough redesign process that focused on optimizing the customer experience. Revised navigation and an intuitive layout make it easier for our visitors to navigate our website and find relevant information. We've also optimized load times to enable smooth and fast browsing. In addition, we implemented interactive elements and user-friendly features to increase visitor engagement. Overall, our improved user experience is designed to provide our visitors with a pleasant, efficient, and enriching interaction with our website.